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Honestly, when I started to write this book, I did not expect much, but I was surprised in a very positive way with the contents idea. And the part that was most interesting and useful, is how to help your child in learning the ABCs. One of the most difficult tasks for parents is to make a fun learning environment for their children.


Every father and mother want their child to succeed in life. It does not necessarily refer fame, money or power. A successful person is one who feels performed live with quality and balance, and is comfortable with himself and with others.

Much of this success depends on the quality education received in childhood. But how to raise children in a world as competitive and with so many changes? The education needs to be offered today, both at home and at school, is certainly not the same as decades ago.


The book was written with the intention of pulling the listener into the story and the action, because that is how children learn and how they internalize new vocabulary and new material. Letters are introduced in the text and are written “stroke by stroke”. For each stroke of the alphabet, there is a word, a rhyme, or some form of nonsensical fun.

This practical and objective picture book – The Grocery Cart Spree Writing ABCs explains how to implement on a daily basis the key factors that will ensure that their children take the best advantage of the training they receive.

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