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10 Jun 2017 7 Admin

Using the internet is very normal in our society and the curiosity of using the internet  in children spreading widely.  However, this creates a dilemma for parents. Whether its free or not but is it safe to leave the children alone on the internet. This is a personal matter, but if you want your child connected to the internet then there are some important preventive measures.


Generally, from 6 years of age the child already want to use the computer without the parent company. You can allow, but be sure to monitor the computer and help your child. Ideally, they browse websites with games or their favorite TV programs.

From 8 years it is common for them to show interest in other sites, including social networks and chat rooms. At this stage, the parents must start to steer the risks of the network.


At first it is very important to be near your child when you find them surfing the Internet, not in an invasive form, but in order to share the experience. Show yourself open to the questions. After all, they need to know that not everything on the internet is true or safe .

Instruct them to never pass personal information on the computer and always respect other users. A simple way to explain to say that the same rules apply to real-life and  internet, ie, no swearing or talking to strangers.

It is very important that your computer is in a shared environment, such as in the living room, for example, in addition, it is essential to limit the computer usage time.


The harmful things for children are not just browsing some internet sites, but also in so-called social networks, such as chat rooms and even on Facebook. Especially when it comes to young children, parents have the responsibility to track and monitor what your kids are doing on the internet. For this, the technology offers several tools that can help parents in this task, the so-called control programs. Parents have to search and find out which one best suits your needs.

There are a lot of anti-virus and internet security programs available that comes with “Parental Control” option, which blocks inappropriate content, restricts Web access at certain times, and even helps remotely monitor the online activity of your children, including Facebook.

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