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10 Jun 2017 1 Admin

According to AVG Technologies’s research, 57% of children under 5 years use applications with ease on smartphones, but only 14% know tying their shoes. Children today have access to technology in various ways. They play with the mobile phone of parents, many of them have their own tablet, they turn on and off  their own video games and use computer very easily. The challenge of parents and the school is directing for learning all this with ease in handling of technological tools.

Both the old and new generation of children love cycling, running and playing ball as well as interact with friends. The difference is that now they have other tools to be distracted, playing and learning together that did not exist a few years ago. The children are the same; what has changed are the objects to which it can be accessed.

In the past, children  used, for example, pen and paper, with parents and adults around them. If today’s smartphones and tablets are part of the family routine, it is not hard to imagine why they exert so much fascination among children. And companies, eyeing this market, offer more and more entertainment options not only for parents but also for their children.

Certainly new technologies are very rich tools for teaching and learning if used properly. However, the electronic device does not replace the teacher or the student effort. With technology, there are new ways of teaching and learning, but the school, the teacher and parents should be prepared and each of them has an important role.

The school’s role is to provide the technological devices, while teachers should use them effectively in teaching. And it is up to parents, home, controlling excessive use, avoiding, for example, the exchange of physical activity – so important in child development – the distraction on the phone.

However, when playing with the technology for education, there are many positive points, as the speed in accessing the desired information, the richness of color and movement and interactivity. So it is a great ally in the educational process, to complement the teaching materials and teaching tool. The new technologies should coexist alongside their “cousins” older, pencil and paper, and its educational value must be seen as an opportunity for new experiences for children.

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